AM3 Mobile bottling monoblock

AM3 is the mobile version of MINILINE, the compact monoblock that includes the functions of rinsing, filling, capping, capsulating and labelling of any type of container (glass,PET, HDPE,exc…) and for any type of product (flat, sparkling or dense).

It is particularly suitable for the management of small production batches, thanks to a rich standard equipment and to the possibility of inserting various optionals. It allows to achieve high quality results.

AM3 is the linear solution designed to guarantee the maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility to manage different types of filling, a wide range of caps in addition to a large number of labels. It can be used for different types of product: water, wine, beer, oil, vinegar, etc. etc.

Among the main features of AM3, we highlight its restricted dimensions, that allow to drive it by B license. In addition the vehicle can be used by any type of firm, even those ones that, for logistic reasons, would not be easily accessible.

In addition to the equipment on the fixed model Miniline, AM3, can be further equipped with: Stabilized current generator; Screw compressor, complete with tank and compressed air dryer; Steam generator for cleaning the machine and in particular the filling circuit.



AXTRA designs and develops integrated solutions in an unique structure that has more than two functions: rinsing, filling and capping, capsulation and labelling. Among the peculiarities, we emphasize: maximum reduction of the final dimensions; optimization of components; same operator management procedures The characteristics of our monoblocks ensure a significant reduction in purchase and operating costs

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