Labelling machine for self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labelling machines ensure the application of one or more labels in an effective and precise way, because they are specifically designed for the application of pre-cut labels wrapped in paper or plastic rolls, coloured or transparent.

The format change equipment of the container such as worm screw, starwheels, central arc, central platforms set and cap pusher set can be normal or universal. The quick release systems allow a reduction of format change times and a consequent cost optimization.

Accessories are not normally necessary for labels, except for special application requirements.

Axtra labelers are designed to work containers of any material, shape and size.

The final smoothing accessories are made taking into account the composition of the container and the label/s

SizeWidth (cm)Depth (cm)Work surface (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)Installed power (kW)Absorbed power (kW)



Axtra labelling machines are based on the modular philosophy , which allows the simultaneous use of one or more stations for the application of self-adhesive labels and/or cold glue and/or hot glue. Axtra has choosen the modular philosophy to leave the freedom to its Customers to choose how many labelling stations to install and when (before, during or after the purchase), because they needs change over time, but it is not necessary to change the machine. Each machine can be configured to solve any need of mechanical centering (side notch, bottom notch, handle, etc...) and/or optical (handles, reliefs, colored notches, or UV, etc...) for a correct positioning of the label: the basic configuration allows to integrate controls such as cap, capsule and labels presence.

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