Isobaric filling machine

Isobaric fillers are designed specifically for carbonated liquids such as water, wine, beer, etc. They guarantee the maximum protection of the product, leaving unchanged its characteristics.

Each machine is equipped with electropneumatic valves, which through separate commands and channels, allow to manage single or multiple phases of vacuum, pressurization, filling and desgassing. If necessary, through the setting of specific recipes, it is possible to control the foam residue in the neck of the bottle.

The format change equipment of the container such as worm screw, starwheels, central arc, gripping pads can be normal or universal. The quick release systems allow a reduction of format change times and a consequent costs optimization.

All the Axtra fillers are designed to handle containers of any material, shape and size.

It is possible to request additional equipment throughout the life of the machine, just send a sample of the new container format that you want to process and contact our technical office.

SizeWidth (cm)Depth (cm)Work surface (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)Installed power (kW)Absorbed power (kW)



The main goal in the filling phase is not to alter the product! Axtra filling machines have this purpose, for this reason they are designed taking into account all the situations: temperature, density, viscosity, etc… Axtra fillers are configurable with mechanical, pneumatic or electronic valves. Each filling cycle, and, in particular, the CIP washing, is programmable and adaptable also for products that are different among them.

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