Accessories for industrial cleaning machines

Axtra range of accessories to combine with cleansing machines

The machines dedicated to cleaning can be equipped with some accessories, which in addition to improving the process, allow a reduction in costs.

Axtra manufactures the following supports:

  • Filtration unit;
  • recirculation systems;
  • ionizing nozzles.



The Axtra filtration units are characterized by cartridge microfiltration systems specifically defined according to the characteristics of the cleaning liquid and / or gas, which will be used for cleaning.

You can manage single or combined cycles, which minimize the use of detergents.

The Axtra units allow the customer to obtain customized solutions, thanks to their modularity which allows to define different filtration stages.



Axtra recirculation systems are designed to allow a considerable reduction of cleaning liquids, maintaining their characteristics over time.

Each system is configurable for:

  • filtration stages;
  • liquid flow rate;
  • more / or less aggressive type of solution.

The use of recirculation systems guarantees the quality of the detergent by allowing the repetition of the cleaning cycles set on the rinsing machines.



The ionizing nozzles through the introduction of air and ions are able to simultaneously eliminate dust, contaminants and electrostatic charges.

The nozzles produce a high-speed flow of compressed air and ionized air that cleans even in critical situations, neutralizing the static charge.



The machines for the internal cleaning of the containers are configurable with one or more blowing treatments (air, inert gas, etc.) and/or washing/sterilization by steam or liquids (untreated mains water, filling product, cleaning solutions, etc.) Each cleaning machine can be equipped with fixed, or penetrating nozzles and each cleaning cycle can be programmed for intensity and duration.

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